Oil Filter & Paint Tin Crusher

Oil Filter & Paint Tin Crusher

If you work in or own an auto repair shop, you likely find yourself burdened with hundreds, sometimes thousands of metal cans and oil filters every year. Government mandated recycling businesses count on your lack of options, so they charge far too much for the modest services they render. Drizit is here to give you a choice, so you can fight back and keep your hard-earned money where it belongs – in the business.

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DRIZIT's premium line of heavy- duty oil filter crushers are designed to quickly and efficiently reduce even your toughest cans and oil filters to at least 25% of their original size in seconds, removing 95% of the sludge trapped inside. That gives you something you didn't have before: options. Sell the leftover metal for scrap and make a tidy profit out of the oil waste. With our Crushers, the decision is all yours. We currently offer two hydraulic crushing solutions: The FC-10 Paint Can Crusher and the FC- 30 Oil Filter Crusher.

The FC-10 is compact, paint can crusher powerhouse with rugged steel chamber, large-diameter hydraulic cylinder and a 3-ton air- operated payload. Built – in moister regulator and pressure gauge let you know when the air is at optimum, while the single-lever control makes proper crushing procedures as simple as possible. If your shop or garage is buried in paint cans and you don't want to pay someone else to take care of the problem, the FC-10 Can Crusher is the waste management solution you've been looking for.


If you need an oil filter crusher to not only flatten your most stubborn filters, but also squeeze the refuse into a storage drum, then consider the massively powerful FC-30 Oil Filter Crusher from Drizit. This crusher slams filters and cans with an astounding 20 tons of hydraulic pressure and flattens them into neat little stacks for cheap and convenient disposal. Constructed out of welded steel plate and only the best component materials, FC-30 Oil Filter/Can Crushers are engineered to be the last filter crushers you ever have to purchase. We've even included convenient extras such as an air moisture regulator, a pressure gauge and a lockable viewing door to ensure that the FC-30 Oil Filter Crusher is everything you could ever want in a shop crusher.


And if you want the convenience and cleanliness of a powerful Can Crusher, but don't have room on your workbench, we have the solution! The FC-30ST Crusher Stand is the perfect support for the both FC-30 Oil filter Crusher and the FC-10 Can Crusher. This sturdy frame accommodates used oil storage drums ranging from 20 litres to 220 litres, so waste goes straight from the crusher into the storage tank. Just slide an oil drum beneath with one of our top-of-line crushers on top and you're ready to go. We've also made sure there's plenty of room to the right of the unit for all the filters and paint cans waiting to get crushed.

Oil Filter & Paint Tin Crusher


FC10010 3 TON PAINT TIN CRUSHER - FC10 20 SEC 8-10 90x38x35 35
FC10030 10 TON OIL FILTER CRUSHER - FC30 20 SEC 6-8 73x43x43 68
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