Port Booming & Clean-up

Drizit Port Booming & Oil Spill Clean-up

Drizit has extensive experience and expertise in dealing with in-port emergencies related to pollution. Drizit will dispatch response teams to contain and clean-up in port spillages of varying descriptions. Qualified crews can react with appropriate equipment and facilities immediately to minimise the environmental impact of spillages into the port water or on the vessel or wharf side.


  • Vessel and oil rig booming services.
  • Emergency spill response and clean-up.
  • Leaking container re-packing and decontamination services.
  • Wharf side spillage clean-up.
  • On Board chemical fire debris removal.
  • Bunker fuel spillages and leaks.
  • Bilge and ballast water removal and disposal.
  • Vessel tank cleaning and desludging.

Drizit Port Booming & Clean-Up Teams

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