Pollution Rehabilitation & Bio Remediation

Pollution Rehabilitation & Bio Remediation

Drizit environmental has vast experience in effectively rehabilitating polluted environments. Whether the pollution results from an emergency spillage incident, or historical pollution, Drizit is equipped to rehabilitate any environment. Drizit has developed effective methods and products to effectively remediate a range of polluted environments. Regular monitoring and sample analysis ensures that the polluted environment is returned to it’s original condition.

Drizit constantly updates equipment and materials in line with technological advancements in the field.


  • Historically polluted site remediation
  • Contaminated Groundwater treatment
  • Groundwater pollutant recovery and disposal.
  • Spillage site soil and water remediation
  • Bio Remediation of polluted soil and groundwater
  • Rail ballast stone cleaning and remediation.
  • River and wetland rehabilitation and clean-up.

Tags: bio remediation, pollution clean-up, pollution rehabilitation

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