Marine Response


Marine incident response extends to grounded and stricken vessels, as well as fuel, chemical and other related pollution incidents in and out of port. Drizit teams are equipped with spillage containment booms and equipment prepared for rapid deployment nationally. Fuel and chemical transfer equipment is readily available for dispatch nationally and internationally. 

Drizit Environmental is strategically positioned to render assistance in handling the hazardous substance removal and clean-up associated with maritime salvage.

Marine & Oil Spill Response Services

  • Salvage fuel transfer and vessel decontamination.
  • Marine salvage environmental protection services.
  • Salvage flotsam and jetsam removal and disposal.
  • Oil Spill Containment boom deployment and management.
  • On board chemical and fuel spillage response and clean-up.
  • Pre Scuttle vessel decontamination.
  • Shore side spillage control and clean-up.
  • Spillage standby and spillage prevention services.

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