Industrial Tank Cleaning & High Pressure Cleaning


Industrial Cleaning TO SEPARATORS,

Drizit Environmental Operations Divisions have vast experience in the Industrial Cleaning Industry. Trained and experienced staff guarantee an effective and efficient solution to all industrial cleaning requirements, whether hazardous or non-hazardous. Drizit’s extensive equipment base and range of related facilities enable them to safely carry out even the most hazardous procedures. Drizit’s clientele includes oil industries, mining, maritime, power utilities, chemical manufacturing and many more. Full time dedicated safety personnel ensure safe working procedures and policies are adhered to at all times to avoid accidents in the workplace.

Drizit Environmental offers the following INDUSTRIAL cleaning & HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING services

  • High Pressure Cleaning and Jetting
  • Confined Space entry and cleaning
  • Bulk Storage Tank De-Sludging and Cleaning
  • Surface Cleaning and stain removal
  • Boiler Tube Jetting
  • Effluent System De-Sludging and Cleaning
  • Drain Jetting and De-Silting

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