24Hr HAZMAT Spill Clean-up Response

Drizit Environmental offers a 24 hour Hazmat Spill Response service that operates throughout South Africa and into Central and Northern Africa. Drizit Environmental Operations Division has developed over the past 40 years into a highly effective and efficient emergency response service provider. Drizit Environmental attributes its success in the industry to the following:

24Hr Emergency HAZMAT oil & chemical spill Clean-Up Response By Drizit Hazmat Teams


  • Highly trained and experienced HAZMAT response Technicians and crews.
  • Effective and functional HAZMAT equipment and facilities.
  • Experience in mitigation of Hazmat incidents involving a variety of hazardous chemical substances in varying environments and situations.
  • Drizit clean-up teams have vast experience in all sectors of the transport industry including aviation, marine, road and rail transport.
  • Drizit Environmental’s comprehensive absorbent range caters for all HAZMAT chemicals and products.
  • 24 hour HAZMAT response teams on standby.

24Hr Emergency HAZMAT oil & chemical
spill Clean-Up Response 0800 202 202

Drizit Environmental has qualified and experienced HAZMAT teams on standby to respond to chemical, oil and fuel spillages, or other hazardous material (HAZMAT) related incidents. Drizit Environmental response teams are fully equipped to safety and effectively handle any chemical emergency or environmental disaster. Drizit staff  have extensive experience in clean up and remediation of polluted environments.

24Hr Emergency HAZMAT oil & chemical spill Clean-Up Response By Drizit Hazmat Teams

Drizit’s Spill Response Expertise Extends To

  • River, wetland and ground water pollution remediation.
  • Soil chemical, fuel and oil contamination clean-up.
  • Product recovery from Industrial spillage sites.
  • Canal de-silting and clean-up.
  • Factory and site remediation and rehabilitation.
  • Emergency and historical pollution clean-up and rehabilitation.

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